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did you know that…

  • There really was a Cumberland Farm. Vasilios and Aphrodite Haseotes bought it in Cumberland, Rhode Island in 1939, along with their very first cow.
  • In 1962, Cumberland Farms opened up the first ever convenience store in the Northeast.
  • Way back in 1972, we were one of the first places anywhere to offer self-serve gasoline.
  • Today, Cumberland Farms has almost 600 stores in 8 states, and employs over 6,000 people.
  • In 1986, Cumberland Farms bought all of Gulf Oil's gas stations and trademark in the Northeast.
  • We sell nearly 3 million gallons of Chill Zone every year, or enough to fill 6 olympic size pools.
  • Long before Ari Haseotes became President of Cumberland Farms, he was a manager in our Westborough, MA store.
  • Last year, The Cumberland Gulf Group of companies ranked in the Top 50 of the Forbes Top 500 Private Companies.
  • The most popular Chill Zone flavor today is Berry Backlash, followed by NRG Kick and Red Rage.
  • We can fill over 33 oil tankers with the 20 million cups of coffee we sell every year.
  • Our fantastic new store designs feature freshly prepared hot sandwiches, a shake machine, no fee ATMs, and a state of the art Chill Zone. These new stores will be coming soon to a neighborhood near you.