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  1. Your business needs exceed $500 per week in fuel and or merchandise.
  2. Your business has been in operation for more than 6 months.
    *Credit restrictions apply

If your business does not meet the criteria, we may have another option for you, to still save 10¢ on every gallon.

George Fournier, Director of Marketing

Few people at Cumberland Farms have had more of a diverse and wide-ranging career within the company as George. He began here as a part time Mystery Shopper in 1994, and came on full time after graduating from the University of New Hampshire in 1996. Since then, his incredible versatility has served us well. He's been a Help Desk Technician, Gulf Marketing Analyst, Store Manager, Area Sales Manager Trainee, Category Manager, Operations Manager for Petroleum Distribution, and Director of Marketing Administration.

“As you can see from my job titles, I've had a number of different roles here. I've had a terrific opportunity, in one organization, to learn about things I never thought I'd get to learn about. This is an extremely forward thinking company, and as our leaders continue to evolve this great brand, I'm looking forward to even more new opportunities in the future. Besides being a great place to learn, Cumberland Farms is also a place, that if you work hard and prove yourself, you can do almost anything.”

Ruthann McCarthy Senior Area Sales Manager

Ruthann started with us at Cumberland Farms as an Area Sales Manager Trainee in 2000, and has been making the most of every opportunity since. After managing one of our stores for a period of time, she was promoted to Area Sales Manager. A few years after that, Ruthann became a Senior Area Sales Manager, the position she currently holds. Her roles have included Professional Development, Training, and New Product and Program Testing.

“You know why I love it here? Every day is different. I have had some tremendous opportunities to do things that are unique and interesting. I have a group of really strong managers and it is due to them that I've had the chance to do so many things here. For instance, I'm responsible for one of our brand new store designs in Mansfield MA, as well as a couple more that are coming very quickly behind it. It is very exciting. Cumberland Farms has a very clear vision for the future and it is great to be a part of it.”

Nick Tsitsirgos, store manager, Hopkinton, MA

Nick joined Cumberland Farms in 2008, and after completing our Manager-In-Training program, he spent a few months filling in for other vacationing managers. Shortly after, Nick was promoted to store manager of our Corporate Campus store in Framingham, MA. After two years of running pilot programs and providing feedback to all Departments of the company, Nick moved on to manage our store in Hopkinton, MA. It’s been a fast rise for Nick, and he is enjoying every minute of it.

“This is definitely a company that offers its employees an opportunity for a successful future. I love having the freedom to make my own decisions here, not to mention the true team environment that makes it fun to come into work every day.”

Sheree Beissner Director of Training & Development

Sheree is as great an example of climbing the corporate ladder as you'll ever find. While in high school, Sheree began her career at Cumberland Farms in 1980 as a store cleaner. Eventually, she worked her way from a store cleaner to a cashier to assistant manager to store manager. In 1984, she transferred to our corporate real estate department, and by 1985, she moved into our Training Department, where she currently resides as director.

”I grew up at Cumberland Farms. My colleagues are like a second family. I have the opportunity to work with people from all over the company and help them develop skills for success. There are unlimited opportunities to learn, succeed and grow at Cumberland Farms. We have an incredible benefits package and a team of some of the best people in the convenience store industry. It's wonderful. We work in a beautiful environment. We also have a great team of leaders who have a fresh, exciting vision for the company. Cumberland Farms has a bright future and I'm glad to be part of it.”