Please confirm the following applies to your business before applying:

  1. Your business needs exceed $500 per week in fuel and or merchandise.
  2. Your business has been in operation for more than 6 months.
    *Credit restrictions apply

If your business does not meet the criteria, we may have another option for you, to still save 10¢ on every gallon.

Student Benefits

Our unique Manager-in-Training Program is true to the Cumberland Farms' promise of helping build strong career paths for all our employees. Its hands-on, self-paced format is the perfect route for those looking to maximize their potential.

Led by our most experienced Training Managers, it focuses on identifying, defining, and conveying management skills utilizing live, in-store mentoring. You'll learn how to make critical decisions, manage with confidence, as well as create and lead your store team.

Upon the conclusion of the training, you'll feel confident knowing you can:

  • Manage using critical information from state-of-the-art in-store computer systems
  • Maximize profits using proven marketing and merchandising strategies
  • Analyze store financial data for cost containment, inventory management and more
  • And hire, train, and develop your own employees

This program is that perfect extra boost to push you toward the top.