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Our frozen drinks at the Chill Zone have a new name! Try all 13 flavors of HyperFreeze!
Visit a store near you to mix your favorite HyperFreeze flavors today! Share photos of your HyperFreeze concoctions with us using #GotMyCumbys.
Sour Apple Shock
The tartest taste that will jolt you to your core
Sucka Punch
A pineapple orange strawberry flavor shot to the face
Pinka Saurus
The monster taste of pink lemonade frozen up for you
Cotton Candy Commander
All the taste of cotton candy without the mouthful of fluff
Like a frozen lemonade stand backed up into your mouth
Mad Cola
A classic soda taste in freakishly frozen form
Purple Palooza
For those of you that go ape for grape, this one's for you
Strawberry Monkey
A strawberry and banana full-on taste explosion
Monkey Freeze
Time to sip up a whole lotta banana nirvana
Lotta Melon
Why yes you can sip a watermelon through a straw
Berry Backlash
Blue raspberry at its berry, berry best
Red Rage
The cherriest cherry flavor ever to slam a tastebud