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It's here! Save your family 10¢ on every gallon of gas, earn rewards & more!

Free to join. Free to use. The one-of-a-kind payment program that saves you 10¢ on every gallon of gas, every day. Start saving now - download the SmartPay app from the App Store or from Google Play for Android!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up to use SmartPay?

    To sign up for SmartPay Check-Link, go to, and click 'join for free'. Please be sure to have your driver's license and checking account information ready.

  • What is my Check-Link PIN?

    Your SmartPay Check-Link PIN is the four digit PIN that you create when you join Check-Link. If at any time you forget your PIN or want to change it, go to, click on 'Manage My Account' and follow the instructions. You can also contact ZipLine at 1-877-403-2222

  • Is my PIN the same as my current bank account PIN number?

    No. The Check-Link PIN that you select can be any 4-digit number and does not have to be the same as the current PIN that you use with your ATM or Web ID to your bank account. It is important to remember your PIN in order to use this method of payment.

  • Why is my email address required?

    Our system relies heavily on email communication to all customers. Your email address becomes your login to manage your account. An email address is also required to make updates to your account information and to provide the ability for you to review your transactions. It is also necessary to retrieve and/or change your PIN.

  • I get an email alert every time I use SmartPay. How do I turn off that feature?

    Once you have enrolled, go to and click on 'manage my account', and log into ZipLine's member portal. Select and click on the card number(s) for which you use to make purchases, and then click the header 'UPDATE MY EMAIL PREFERENCES', select 'No, do not send me emails', and click 'Update' button

  • How long does it take for my SmartPay card or mobile app to become active?

    Once you have enrolled, the information that you provide could undergo a validation process. This process could take up to three business days. You will be notified of your SmartPay account status and program details through subsequent email messages.

  • Where can I use SmartPay as payment?

    You can use SmartPay at all Cumberland Farms locations.

  • Can I use SmartPay to purchase merchandise or gas inside the store?

    Yes, and you still get a 10¢ discount on every gallon of gas! To pay from your mobile phone, tap 'pay', show the barcode to the cashier, and type in your Check-Link PIN at the prompt. To pay with your SmartPay card, simply swipe your card, and type in the Check-Link PIN you created when you joined.

  • Can I share my SmartPay account?

    With SmartPay, you have the ability to link one account to everyone in your family. Simply pick up a card for each person, and call 1-877-403-2222 to link the card number(s). When swiping the card, be sure to enter the Check-Link PIN that was used to create the account. If you are using SmartPay on your mobile phone, no additional cards are necessary. Simply download the app, and log in with the same email address and Check- Link PIN that was used to create the account.

  • What are the usage limits on my account?

    The limits for use of your account are as follows:

    • 7 transactions per day $150 daily amount
    • 35 transactions per week
    • $500 weekly amount
  • I lost my SmartPay card. What do I do?

    You should log into the member website at to report your lost/stolen card. This will immediately deactivate the card. Depending on your specific card program, you may pick up a new card at a participating location and call Customer Service at (877) 403-2222 to have the replacement card added to your account. If your card was mailed to you, please call us to request a replacement card.

  • The magnetic stripe on my card is worn and does not work. What can I do?

    It will be necessary to replace your payment card if the magnetic stripe does not work. You should pick up a new card and call Customer Service at (877) 403-2222 to add the new card.

  • Why do I have an additional card on my account when I only signed up/enrolled for one?

    If you select 'I have a card' during enrollment, our system will automatically generate a second card number to be used with the mobile app. If you do not intend to use the mobile app, this card will never display any activity, but will be there if you ever need it. If you want to the mobile app in addition to your card, simply download the free app, and log in with your email address and Check-Link PIN. Please be aware that transactions completed from your mobile app and your card will appear on a different card numbers.

  • Is ZipLine operating this service for the Registry of Motor Vehicles?

    No. ZipLine is a private data processing company with no official affiliation with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. We partner with ZipLine to operate this service. They have entrusted ZipLine to provide payment services in the same way they rely upon Visa and MasterCard.

  • What is an ACH debit transaction?

    The Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network is a highly reliable and efficient nationwide batch-oriented electronic funds transfer system governed by the NACHA Operating Rules that provide for the interbank clearing of electronic payments for participating depository financial institutions. The Federal Reserve and Electronic Payments Network act as ACH Operators, central clearing facilities through which financial institutions transmit or receive ACH entries.

    Examples of ACH payments include:

    • Direct deposit of payroll, tax refunds, Social Security and other government benefits
    • Direct payment of consumer bills such as mortgages, loans, utility bills and insurance premiums
    • Business-to-business payments
    • E-checks
    • E-commerce payments and Federal, state, and local tax payments
  • I saw a small deposit of a few cents in my bank account. What is this?

    ZipLine validates your enrolled bank account information to ensure that we have the correct account number. We do so by submitting a deposit to your bank account. The “challenge deposit” is a test to confirm the validity of the account. The enrolled card is not activated until this deposit verification process is completed.

    In some cases, a small withdrawal is also made as part of the validation process. In that case, you will need to know both values to successfully complete the account validation process. Do I get charged by my bank for an ACH transaction? Most banks do not charge for ACH transactions. This is the same method that is currently used for paying mortgage payments, car payments and any authorized debits from your bank account. It is possible that some banks may charge a monthly fee for such services so please check with your bank for details. Charges will apply from your bank and from ZipLine if your transaction is returned as unpaid (NSF, Account Closed/Frozen, etc.). Our return fee will be the maximum amount permissible by state law. This fee is separate from any fees that your bank may impose for such returns. We recommend that you have Overdraft Protection on the account used for your payment card transactions.

  • If I conduct a transaction and I do not have sufficient funds in my account, what will happen?

    First, you should not conduct a transaction if you are aware that you do not have sufficient funds to cover the face amount of the transaction. If you do, your bank will return the transaction and your card will be deactivated until you make good on your purchase. Returned transactions also result in a “Return Fee” permissible by state laws. ZipLine, or assigned agents, will try to electronically collect the face amount of the transaction and the associated Return Fee on two attempts. In the event that the company cannot collect through normal electronic means, your account will be flagged and referred to a collection service and your membership may be cancelled. We recommend that you have Overdraft Protection on the account used for your payment card transactions to avoid additional return fees. By having Overdraft Protection with your bank, you will avoid our fees for returned payment card transactions.

  • What is SmartPay Rewards?

    SmartPay Rewards gives SmartPay mobile app users a little something extra for using SmartPay Check-Link.

  • Who can use the SmartPay rewards program?

    The program is only available for SmartPay Check-Link mobile app customers.

  • Why doesnt SmartPay Rewards work with Straight Talk, Cricket Wireless or Consumer Cellular?

    Due to technical issues, SmartPay Rewards is not compatible with Straight Talk Wireless, Cricket Wireless or Consumer Cellular networks.  SmartPay customers on these network services will not be able to participate in the SmartPay Rewards program.

  • What do I receive for a reward and how do I earn rewards?

    When you reach the reward, mobile app users receive their free coupon to use. These coupons can be viewed in the "reward" section of the mobile app.

  • Where and how can I redeem my coupons?

    Coupons may be redeemed at participating Cumberland Farms locations.

    Coupons can be redeemed through the app under the "Rewards" section.

    1. Press "redeem coupon" and confirm use.
    2. Remember, you only have 15 minutes once you begin the redemption process.
    3. The cashier will then scan the coupon
  • Do the coupons expire?

    If you do not activate your coupon by tapping the "redeem coupon" button, it will expire after 30 days. If you do activate your coupon by pressing "redeem coupon" and confirm use, you only have 15 minutes from activation to redeem it in any participating Cumberland Farms store.

  • Once I tap the redeem coupon button, how long do I have?

    Once you tap the "redeem coupon" button and confirm use, you have 15 minutes to use the coupon before it disappears from the screen.

  • I'm having trouble getting the barcode to scan on my phone when redeeming coupons. What can I do?

    Turning the screen brightness up on your phone and tilting it away from bright lights when being scanned will usually solve the problem. On the smart phone apps you can use the brightness up/down button, located on the top right, this will allow you to brighten your display without exiting SmartPay. The cashier can also enter the coupon number manually off of your phone if it still will not scan.

  • How do I know how many gallons I need to pump to earn my next reward?

    Every time you pump gas using the SmartPay Check-Link app, you can track your progress toward your next reward. Your progress will be displayed on a meter showing how many gallons remain until your next reward! The gallons remaining until the next reward is rounded up to the next whole gallon. For example, 6.2 gallons remaining will be displayed as 7 but you will earn your reward at 6.2 gallons.

  • Will gas gallons purchase from additional phones and cards linked to my account count toward my rewards?

    All the gas purchased with phones or cards linked to your account will count toward your rewards. All phones linked to the account will receive the reward on their home screen. Once a coupon is redeemed, it will disappear from all the phones that use the same account.

  • What if I don't get my reward within 2 hours after I reach the purchase requirement?

    Email and let us know you didn't receive your My Rewards coupon. We will add a coupon to your account if it was supposed to be issued.

  • Am I eligible to participate in the program if I have a SmartPay Business account?

    No. SmartPay Business account users are not eligible to participate in the program.

  • What if I don't want to earn or receive rewards?

    You can email and request to opt out of receiving coupons. You will stop earning coupons within 72 hours.

  • Is SmartPay secure?

    Yes, the security of your data is very important to our business. In order to protect your account information and keep it secure, we request your Check-Link PIN every time you use SmartPay. In addition, we do not resell or disclose any information to any third parties. The data you have provided is required to enable us to verify and link your information to your card to be able to perform an ACH debit transaction.

  • How do I know I have received the savings per gallon?

    Your gallon savings will be reflected on the SmartPay fueling screen on your phone, and the price displayed on the pump will 'roll-back' cents prior to fueling.

  • How is SmartPay used for payment?

    We've partnered with ZipLine to deliver technology that enables you to link your checking account with a SmartPay Card or the SmartPay App so you can pay for fuel at participating Cumberland Farms locations.

  • How can I reset my PIN?

    You will need to log into Cumberland Farms SmartPay and go to manage my account or call ZipLine at (877) 403-2222 to change your PIN number.

  • How can I find out why my account has been locked?

    ou will need to contact ZipLine at (877) 403-2222 and they will be able to assist you.

  • How can I get transaction information about my account?

    You will need to log into Cumberland Farms SmartPay and go to manage my account or call ZipLine at (877) 403-2222 for assistance.