Few people at Cumberland Farms have had more of a diverse and wide-ranging career within the company as George. He began here as a part time Mystery Shopper in 1994, and came on full time after graduating from the University of New Hampshire in 1996. 

Since then, his incredible versatility has served us well. He's been a Help Desk Technician, Gulf Marketing Analyst, Store Manager, Area Sales Manager Trainee, Category Manager, Operations Manager for Petroleum Distribution, and Director of Marketing Administration.

“As you can see from my job titles, I've had a number of different roles here. I've had a terrific opportunity, in one organization, to learn about things I never thought I'd get to learn about. This is an extremely forward thinking company, and as our leaders continue to evolve this great brand, I'm looking forward to even more new opportunities in the future. Besides being a great place to learn, Cumberland Farms is also a place, that if you work hard and prove yourself, you can do almost anything.”