Ruthann started with us at Cumberland Farms as an Area Sales Manager Trainee in 2000, and has been making the most of every opportunity since. After managing one of our stores for a period of time, she was promoted to Area Sales Manager. A few years after that, Ruthann became a Regional Manager, the position she currently holds.

Her roles have included Professional Development, Training, and New Product and Program Testing.

“You know why I love it here? Every day is different. I have had some tremendous opportunities to do things that are unique and interesting. I have a group of really strong managers and it is due to them that I've had the chance to do so many things here. For instance, I'm responsible for one of our brand new store designs in Mansfield MA, as well as a couple more that are coming very quickly behind it. It is very exciting. Cumberland Farms has a very clear vision for the future and it is great to be a part of it.”