Cumberland Farms is the largest of EG America’s convenience and retail brands with more than 575 store locations across Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.


Our History 

Founded in 1938 in Cumberland, Rhode Island as a one-cow dairy farm, Cumberland Farms eventually grew to become the largest dairy farm operation in Massachusetts. In the late 1950s, Cumberland Farms opened its first dairy store in Bellingham, Massachusetts, soon after adding a range of products, making it New England’s first true convenience store. With some 400 stores by the late 1960s, the convenience store retailer was among the industry leaders. In its early years, Cumberland Farms relied heavily on the sale of gallon and half-gallon jugs of milk but soon ventured into gasoline sales. In 1970, Cumberland Farms added the first self-serve gasoline pump to one of its convenience stores, which quickly turned into 100 stores with gas facilities by 1975. Expanding further into gasoline sales, the company went on to purchase Gulf and Chevron service stations in 10 Northeastern states in the mid-1980s, followed by another 200 Exxon-branded service stations in 2003. A closely held private company since its inception, until it was acquired by EG Group in 2019 adding to the company’s portfolio of convenience store brands as part of its US operations.

Our Parent Company 

With more than 1,600 retail locations and 18,000+ team members across the U.S., EG America is one of the fastest-growing convenience store retailers in the country. As the operator of Certified Oil, Cumberland Farms, Fastrac, Kwik Shop, Loaf N’ Jug, Minit Mart, Sprint Food Stores, Tom Thumb, Turkey Hill, and Quik Stop stores, we are committed to becoming America’s preferred ‘one-stop’ destination by focusing on superior guest experience, high-quality grocery and fuel products, and supporting the communities we live and work in.

EG America is owned by EG Group, a UK-based fuel station and convenience store retailer, with locations across the UK, Europe, Australia, and the U.S.

Doing Good 

We value our partnerships with DAV, American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross and United Way and with the generosity of our Guests have helped raise millions of dollars over the last several years.


*The American Red Cross name and logo are used with its permission. The American Red Cross name and logo are registered trademarks owned by the American National Red Cross.